About your rent


How your rent is calculated 

Rent is calculated as a proportion of a tenant’s income:


Rents for unfurnished properties are 25% of assessable income* plus 100% of the Commonwealth Rent Assistance you receive.

- Rents for furnished properties are 28% of assessable income plus 100% of the Commonwealth Rent Assistance

- Rents for properties in the ‘Affordable Housing Program’ are 30% of assessable income plus 100% of the Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

Rents are calculated using the Department of Housing Community Housing Rent Calculator tool.  For further information - please visit the Department of Housing here

*‘Assessable income’ includes most types of Centrelink payments, as well as wages and earnings.

Commonwealth Rent Assistance – most tenants who receive a Centrelink benefit are eligible to receive Commonwealth Rent Assistance. This payment is to go towards your rent. To receive Rent Assistance, you must supply Centrelink with your tenancy agreement, a rent statement or other evidence of your rent amount.


Proof of income is vital for the correct calculation of rent.

- Tenants who receive a Centrelink income are encouraged to sign the Income Consent Form to allow Bric to access the Centrelink Confirmation eServices on their behalf.

- Tenants who have paid employment will need to provide 6 weeks’ payslips. Failure to provide proof of income will lead to the tenant being charged market rent until this has been provided.


Other charges


For some properties, there are utility charges to pay. This can be:

- Electricity and/or gas charges – where the property is unmetered, Bric divides the cost between the units. The tenancy agreement will specify how this is calculated.

- Water usage charges – for properties that are individually metered and water efficient Bric normally passes on the water usage charges. The tenancy agreement will specify how this is calculated.


When will the rent change?


Rents are normally reviewed once a year. Bric will write to you when this is taking place.

- You will need to supply us with up-to-date information on your income.

- If your rent is increased, Bric will give 2 months’ notice of the new rent amount, in line with the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008.


If your income changes:


Tenants are required to let us know if their income changes so that we can adjust the rent. Please contact your Tenant Services Officer with the details.

Please let us know if there are special circumstances – for example a period in hospital – that will make it harder for you to pay rent.


Also, if a tenant or household member enters the workforce and gets paid employment, we can delay the rent increase for six months.