Our Vision, Mission & Values


Building resilient and inclusive communities through the provision of housing.


To deliver excellence in housing services to those in need, create an environment where staff and tenants can achieve their best, and improve our long term viability.



  • We behave with dignity and respect in all our dealings with people, as we value the relationships we build with others.


  • We behave ethically and honestly and are accountable for our actions.


  • We work with others to provide high quality, accessible services to clients.


  • We value the diverse nature of our community and respect different viewpoints.

Underlying Service Assumptions

Our service assumptions inform our approach to our work and help to explain why we work in the way that we do. They help to clarify why we think that the actions we take will contribute to achieving our strategic goals. They are:

  • Safe, secure, affordable housing is a basic human right.
  • All tenants have a right to privacy and to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Our role is to assist our tenants to connect to their community by providing sustainable housing, up to date information, and assistance in accessing other services

We believe our staff are our greatest asset and encourage them to achieve their potential by providing a safe workplace, good terms and conditions and career development opportunities.