Our Programs


Transitional and long-term housing 

In partnership with the Queensland Government, Bric provides both transitional and long-term housing under a range of programs.  These include:

- Community Managed Studio Units

- Private Headleasing (including Community Rent Scheme)

- Same House Different Landlord

- Long-term Housing 

- Affordable Housing

- Supported Housing Program

- Crisis Accommodation

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Community Managed Studio Units  

This is boarding house/studio unit accommodation for tenants in higher density settings.  Most tenants are housed on transitional basis, with a view to moving to a long-term option, either in the private rental or in social housing. 

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Private Headleasing (including the Community Rent Scheme)

This delivers housing as a transitional step to longer term social or private market housing.  Property is sourced from the private rental market - with Bric becoming the tenant and sub-leasing to social housing tenants. 

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Same House Different Landlord 

The Same House Different Landlord program allows people to lease properties under a social housing arrangement, with a view to progressing to public housing without having to move to another property.  

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Long Term Housing 

Under the LTHP, registered providers supply appropriate and affordable community-managed housing for people who have a long-term need for social housing.  Many of Bric's long-term tenants have lived in their homes for 5 years or more.  

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Affordable Housing 

Affordable Housing provides accommodation at a rate less than the equivalent private rental market for similar accommodation.   


Supported Housing Program

The Supported Housing Program delivers accommodation to a number of tenancies in  the Redcliffe Region.  Bric provides the property and tenancy management, with Open Minds providing on-site support to tenants with mental health or other support needs.  

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Crisis Accommodation 

This provides temporary supported accommodation in our Spring Hill boarding house, with 24/7 onsite support from Mission Australia.  Referrals are via a homelessness service eg HART 4000 or Micah.